Signor Robinson’s Cheerleader

Il signor Robinson is an Italian movie that I saw in my childhood back in Russia. It’s one of the first movies that I remember seeing as a child. I really liked the movie it and also the theme song from it. It got stuck in my head and I kept singing 🎶Oh Oh Oh, Oh signor Robinson🎶 for a long time and even learned how to play it on the piano.

Come 2015 and the song Cheerleader by OMI gets in US Top 40 charts. And guess what I hear in that song! The trumpet melody during the refrain is exactly the same as the melody of the song from the movie! Of course am wondering if the composer of Cheerleader got inspired by the song in this 1976 movie! I am really curious to find out!

In this video I mashed up the two songs together with some clips from the movie. The original song from the movie is here.