Search For Posts 4.2 Is Out

Search For Posts 4.2
Search For Posts iOS app version 4.2 has been released with a bunch of significant improvements in searching for Facebook posts, photos, videos, events, places and comments.

Improved search functionality including:

Search for tags in all photos and videos. Now you can enter a person’s name and see all photos and videos where the person is tagged.
Search for comments in all photos and videos (not just posts).
Search for places where events are taking place.
Search for videos you were tagged in that are uploaded by someone else.
For each place that you find you can see all search results tagged in this place as well as everything else that you tagged in the place broken down by content type (i.e posts, photos, videos, etc).

On the profile screen there is now Top Places statistic which shows the list of places sorted by number of posts, albums, photos, videos and events.

When you open a post in Facebook, there is now a dedicated Share button to share the link to that post via SMS/Email/AirDrop/Clipboard and more.

The app now loads 50 search results at a time instead of 25.

Fixed occasional crashes when the app is started in landscape mode.

Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

iOS 9 is now required to run the app.

Since the indexing algorithm has been improved, this update will reindex all of your Facebook data.

Download the app free from the app store: